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林佳欣(Jiaxin LIN)
Business Analyst


Jiaxin joined INTEGRAL after gaining degrees in economics and philosophy in China and UK. With a background in projects related to hydrogen, fuel cells, and batteries, she assists businesses in navigating the evolving energy transformation landscape, assessing risks and opportunities to find customized solutions.
Education Background
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science, MSc Philosophy of the Social Sciences
  • Zhejiang University, Bachelor of Economics
Work Experiences
  • INTEGEAL Co., Ltd, Shanghai, China (Oct. 2022- )
Chinese (Native), English (Fluent: IELT 7.5)
Project Experiences
Hydrogen Production, Storage, Battery & Fuel Cell market in China
  • At Integral, Jiaxin initially directed research towards the realm of hydrogen production and storage technologies, experience including “Stationary FC Market”, “Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Production”. Over time, she actively engaged in the battery and FCEV market, working in the interconnected fields of hydrogen, fuel cell and batteries that serve various business purposes.